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Doctor Clean Duct is one of the leading air ducts cleaning companies that provides their team of professional Melbourne duct cleaners to help maintain your heating system making it work at its optimum efficiency. Having your ducted air system cleaned reduces air borne dust and irritants and gives cleaner air. It lowers energy costs by up to 20%; diminishes mustiness and odours and reduces the risk of fire caused by buildup of dust on the motor.

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Breathe easy with clean ducts

Around 18 to 20 kilograms of dust can be collected in a single household over one year.

Health and Safety of your family

Dust and other air borne contaminants are sucked into your ducted system…

Lower your energy costs

Leigh Sackville, duct cleaning expert from Doctor Cleanduct says “Ducts and…
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Consists of Basic Steam Clean ,Double Deep Steam (removes Stains & marks)…
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Top Reasons To Call Doctor Cleanduct

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    Dirty ducts fuel house fires with a build up of dirt, dust and debris spreading and blowing flames into every room

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    Small animals such as mice, rats, small birds and their nests

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    Removes skin flakes and hair.

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    Carbon particles, pollen and spores from house hold plants can cause asthma and other related respiratory infections

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    Stop allergies and diseases caused by germs mould, fungi and other harmful microbes, bacteria.

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    Improves your air conditioning or heating system efficiency.

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    Dead, living and breading insects make their home in the ducts (dust mites, fleas, mosquitoes, spider´s carpet beetles, silverfish and cockroaches and their faeces)

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    Kills odours, such as cooking smells and especially cigarette odour.

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    Cleaner air and easier breathing reduces the chances of illness

The Cleaning Process

Breathe easy with clean ducts and evaporative cooling systems

Doctor Cleanduct takes all the hassle of getting your ducts cleaned. We use a proven formula to get the best results and there is absolutely no danger to anyone in your household while we carry out the work.

A high powdered vacuum is attached to your air system to collect dust and debris removing 99.97% of harmful contaminants.
High pressure compressed air and special nozzles dislodge light dust and blow it towards the vacuum. While this is where most air duct cleaning companies stop, we are just beginning.
Special “Soft Touch” brushes scrub interior surfaces clean.
Compressed air blasts dirt away to the vacuum.
A power brush system is used to mechanically brush insides that agitates the dirt loose.
If there is any evidence of mould we eliminate these bugs through our application of an environmentally-friendly sanitizer.

Window Cleaning

Single story house Window cleaning:  From $250
Double story: Window cleaning  from $400

Carpet cleaning:
– Steam clean $30/room

– Double Deep cleaning $40/room
– Deluxe cleaning $50/room

House cleaning: $35/hr

“Leigh from Doctor Cleanduct was friendly, efficient and professional and I’m very happy with the way the job was carried out. It’s made a noticeable difference to the amount of dust and I highly recommend his service.”John G, Toorak

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